• Engineering and Consulting

    We can count on 30 years of mechanical design experience, most of which are dedicated to the blow molding industry, and specifically a deep knowledge of extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding, injection stretch blow, PET stretch blow molding equipment.

    We listen carefully to the demands of our customers to fully understand their needs and to be able to support them with all our experience. Our independence from machine manufacturers and component suppliers means we can give our customers the most advanced and cost effective solutions.

  • Electrical Retrofit

    The experience of years in Blow Moulding industry, knowledge of machine sequence even with dedicated applications has enabled us to develop dedicated systems hardware and software to replace the old electronic equipment. As for mechanical applications we propose solutions with high quality components to make sure your machines are modern and efficient. We also propose the repair of old electronic cards by qualified personnel.

  • Mechanical Retrofit and overhauling

    We can improve the performance of your machine by reconditioning existing components or providing new units as extrusion heads, screws and barrels, 3DX systems, parison cut devices, etc. .... By performing the total reconditioning of your own machine we can achieve optimal performance with innovative technical solutions and reduced power consumption.

  • Service & Spare parts

    A technical service and consulting to support our customers with qualified staff available to solve problems related to machine functioning from our office or at customer site. A wide selection of compatible spare parts, mechanical, electrical and customized for different brands of blowers in the market.